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Welcome to Seven Rivers Concept

Welcome to Seven Rivers Concept in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our goal is to connect people from all around the world and to discover the beauty of Kazakhstan together with you. Kazakhstan is still a blind spot on the map for many people around the world. But it has so much to offer, you won´t even believe! From vast steppes and deserts over beautiful coastlines to stunning mountains more than 7000 metres high, the variety of Kazakhstan´s landscape and nature is breathtaking! Take the first step and start the adventure of your lifetime now!


Visit us and be our guest! 

From Almaty with love!

Yes, believe it or not, but all this is Kazakhstan! It's simply impossible to capture the beauty and variety of Kazakhstan's nature and culture in a few words and pictures. Nevertheless, here on this platform we want to give you a very small impression of stunning Kazakhstan! No matter, if you want to get inspired, if you are planning your next big trip or if you just love to travel through your computer screen, you are right with Seven Rivers!

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Twitter: @sevenrivers_alm



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